Diamandis Laboratory Photo Album and Scrapbook:
The Toronto Western Hospital Days

# Previews Names and Description
1 Clin-Biochem-TWH-1994
L-R Back Row: Ernie, Paul, Ken, Mary, Angie, Jerry, Edward and Stuart
Front: Suet
2 photo Christmas 1995 in the student room
L-R: Sonya, Maria, Mike, Dimitri and He
3 Photo of Xenia Diamandis Summer 1995 (in front of MSH)
L-R Back: Maria Kalvas, Lucy Tham, Dimitri, He, Katerina and Linda,
Front: Sonya and Michael
4 photo Summer 1996
Back: Domenica, Sonya, Katerina, Dimitri, Rosalinda, Gudrun, Mike and Linda
Front: Maria and Sheila Nadkarni
5 photo

Summer 1996
From Back to Front, L-R: Debbie, Lisette, Gudrun, Katerina, Barry and Linda,
Middle Row: Sonya, Nosrat and Dr. Diamandis
Front: Matthew Hui, Dimitri, Alex Karumanchiri, Michael



Summer 1997 (in lab)
Back: Linda, Bupi, Tasoula, Katerina, Dimitrios, Sonali, Helen, Mike, Margot and George
Front: Lisette, Maria, Phedias and Evi
7 photo Winter 1997
L-R Back: Mary, Dimitri, Bupi, Linda, Evi, Colin, Sonali, Margot, Katerina, Mike
8 Xmas 1997
L-R: Michael, Katerina, Bupi and Margot
9 Xmas 1997
L-R: Margot, Dr. Hoffman, Dimitri, Mike, Katerina and Bupi
10 Xmas 1997
L-R: Liu-Ying, Hassima, Gudrun and Linda

Xmas 1997
Rosalinda, Bupi and Katerina

12 Xmas 1997
Dr. Diamandis and Mike
13 Xmas 1997
Dr. Gotlieb and Linda Grass
14 Mike, Katerina, Linda and Liu-Ying  at AACR (1998) in New Orleans
15 AACR 2000
L-R Back: Dr. Diamandis, Angeliki, Unknown, Christina, Dr. Rittenhaus, Dr. Barry Hoffman and Linda
Middle: Rachel and Erlinda
Seated: Antoninus, Andreas and George Yousef
16 AACR 2000
Back: Christina, Angela, Rachel, Unknown
Front: Drs. Fracchioli, Diamandis and Katsaros
17 AACR 2000
L-R Back: He, Antoninus, Andreas, Dr. Hoffman, Dr. Rita Kandel, George  Yousef and George Foussias
Seated: Linda, Drs. Diamandis, Katsaros and Fracchioli
18 Dr. Anastasia Diamandi
19 Atlanta Conference
L-R: Evi, Sonali, Katerina, Mike, Margot and Dimitri
20 Aye-Aye
21 Christina and Dr. Barry Hoffman
22 Colin Stevenson
23 David Li
24 Dimitri and Gudrun
25 Dimitri-Margot farewell
L-R: Ying, Spiros, Bill, George, Mike, Phedias, Angeliki, Christina, Linda and Hassima
Seated: Dimitri, Katerina, Dr. Diamandis, Arun and Margot
26 Dimitri and Tasoula
27 Dr. Alex Romaschin
28 Dr. Ray Ogilvie
29 Dr. Diamandis and Arun
30 Dr. Diamandis congratulating Dr. Katerina on her Graduation
31 L-R: Evi, Dimitri, Katerina, Bupi, Nosrat, Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Diamandis
32 Evi with Drs. Anastasia and Eleftherios Diamandis
33 Evi and Dr. Diamandis
34 Evi and Gudrun
35 Evi, Dr. Hadjiioannou and Mitsana
36 Evi, Mike, Linda and Nosrat
37 Evi and Tasoula
38 Gudrun and Dr. Khosravi
39 He and Dr. Diamandis at He's farewell
40 Helen Rodela
41 John and Lisette Santos
42 Katerina, Evi and Gudrun
43 Dr. Diamandis with Katerina (PhD) and Ilana (MSc) at their Graduation
44 Lina Christopoulos and Linda
45 Linda, Evi and Margot in lab
46 Lisette Santos at work
47 Lisette's farewell
Back to Front: Gudrun, Evi, Margot, Sonali, Maria, Katerina, Lisette and Tasoula
48 Michael and Evi at Mata Hari's
49 Michael, Sonali, Ali and Katerina
50 Bupi, Linda, Lisette, Evi, Dimitri, Mike and Margot at Old Athens
51 Paiwand-Levesque Wedding
52 Party at Dimitri home
Back: George, Katerina, Mario and Sonali
Front: Mike and Margot
53 Randir Kapoor
54 Jim Sahlas, Katerina, Theo and Alex Chan
55 Sonya, Andre and Domenica
56 Spiros, George and Phedias
57 Theodore, Nati, Linda and Richard
58 Theodore, Linda, Evi and Nati

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